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Jewelry Care

The materials that my jewelry pieces are made from are listed in the description of each piece. The pieces are made from one of these metals: sterling silver, fine silver, copper, brass, pewter, bronze or aluminum. The metals used as a base for enameled pieces are copper and fine silver.

The following metals tend to oxidize(tarnish) more rapidly so they usually are covered with a heavy duty jewelry lacquer : copper, brass and bronze.  If an item with one of those metals has not been lacquered that will be noted in the item's description. Chains and small components such as jump rings, clasps and ear wires are not lacquered.

It is recommended that you keep any jewelry items that tarnish easily in sealed airtight containers when you are not wearing them. If, over time, your jewelry shows signs of tarnish a jewelry cleaner or cloth that is used for silver usually works well. Never Dull is a product that also works well.

Apply all cosmetics, hairspray and perfumes before putting on your jewelry as the chemicals in those products can damage or remove the lacquer on your jewelry. Soaps are also problematic so it's wise to remove jewelry before you use soap on your skin. Eventually the lacquer on the inside of bracelets does wear off so if that happens you can clean the area really well and apply a readily available lacquer: clear nail polish. You may also contact me if you should want the jewelry lacquer re-applied.